OUYA 2020 Winter GameJam - voting until Dec 24th

From 2020-12-06 until 2020-12-19, the Winter GameJam took place at https://itch.io/jam/ouya-winter-game-jam-2020. We had 16 submissions.

Voting is open until 24th. To cite @szeraax:

SauloDaniel - Aliens Taste My Sword
Xordspar0 - Arctic Grind
@sketche99 - Broken But Still Beautiful
@bherdm - Controller Quartet
freakdave - Dark Space Pioneer
@zondarg - Gyrogun
newmoonfestival - Labyrinth of Nocri
TheStrawHat - One Long Straw Hat Fall
Aionmagan @gamercomposer - Paint Killer
O_Stogden - The Race Factory
LaPieza - Roly-Polo
Samuel Sousa - Shoot & Destroy
JRLS - Shoot out!
Dylann - Sirtet
@Toasterkidd - You Are Here At Your Own Risk

Now that they have submitted their games, it is time for us to play them and vote for what game should win our grand prize of an Anthracite (Black) OUYA! You can also leave individual ratings for each game in the voting form and come back to edit your form several times. Vote here: https://forms.gle/ZgvRErkuci4xFaLRA Voting ends on Dec 25th at midnight morning UTC.

We’ve already added all but the latest the games to the Discover store (Thanks CWeiske!) in the featured row and in the 2020 Winter GameJam genre. The rest will get in tomorrow morning. Get downloading and playing!


As announced on Discord by @Szeraax:

Honorable mentions:


Wasn’t expecting this result. I’m very happy with it though :slight_smile: