3D Printing Megathread / Marketplace

Hello Everyone!

I finally got my 3D Printer up and running! And I want to help you guys mod your OUYAs and have cool stuff, so I’m going to open it up for business. As of right now, I’ve found quite a few cool OUYA related things to print.

As far as pricing goes, I’m charging $0.20 per gram, which is usually what public libraries here stateside charge. No upcharge for time / labor / failed prints. I’ll update the unit specific pricing shortly.

They make really cool shiny material, color changing material, and everything in between (even wood color). Depending on what you want, I can even paint them for you as well (if you want the lettering colored, etc.) I’ll make a comment below showing potential color options.

The prints are all 1 color only, unless you want me to paint them. We can figure out shipping individually as well. Usually everything is really light, but I’m shipping from domestic US and I know quite a few of you are international.

Reach out to me and I’ll make you all the things!

------------System Shells------------

  1. Replacement Standard Shell - $21

  2. Another Standard Shell (with bigger letters, slightly different base) - $19

  3. This Really Cool Zelda Shell with 2 options (these look great in gold) - Complex: $25 / Simple: $23.50

  4. NES Custom Shell - $16.50

  5. These Art-Styled Shells - Top $25.50 / Bottom $20.50

  6. Custom Slim Case designed for better airflow. - $13

------------Wall Mount Stuff------------

  1. These 4 different brackets to hold the system - Fire: $17 / Normal: $15.50 / VESA: $11 / Big Square: $11

  2. Controller Mounts - $5

------------Other / Misc.------------

  1. SUPER AWESOME ROBOT DOCK with ARMS THAT HOLD CONTROLLERS!!! - $95 (This is a big print)

  2. Connectable Controller Docks - $8

Or anything else you can find :wink:, just let me know!


Pretty sure this is the official OUYA case design by Makerbot :slight_smile:

Yes indeed. Its on my list. I’ll make an edit up top once I get my printer up and running. Likely over the Thanksgiving break.

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Just updated original post! Marketplace is open!


Prices are up! Let me know if you have any questions.

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@ProstatePunch Have you experimented with printing controller plates?

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I did some investigating. It will cost me about $75-100 to have it professionally done, as it is beyond my skill level.

Mind you that’s just to make the file. So I’d need some guaranteed customers to make back that investment.

Not likely at this point due to:

  1. Lack of interest in what I currently offer
  2. Quarantine, he might not even be open now
  3. Me trying to pinch pennies right now
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Hey @ProstatePunch, how many cases/shell types have you printed? I’m curious about case designs that have been tested and increase airflow to lower the operating temps.

Love it. Keep the work. I guess, shipping for cases would be the biggest problem.
Could imagine, to maybe buy the 3D file and would try to localy print it. That is the benefit of 3D prints, I guess.

Only the one compact case. System is much more breathable.

I haven’t had any orders, likely due to high shipping costs. Honestly, I’m wondering how bad my cost ratio would be if I dropped down some. As long as I have enough to pay materials, and people pay for shipping, I think I can get the cost down more.

Someone will reach out lol

@ProstatePunch Do you have the ability to 3D print clear/transparent/translucent?

There’s a transparent filament. I have used it and its clearness is kinda muddy.

But then I found this:

So its very possible I can make them.

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Noice. Seems like a lot of work though. That custom slim case would be sweet clear.

I’d be more open to it if I had more (really, any) inquiries.

Even pre-COVID.

Once everything dies down a bit, I plan on reassessing costs to see if I can get numbers down. Its a supply cost thing.

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Well I can commit to buying a clear case.

Can you put customize a little and if you can what is the limit
Like can I get my name engraved or a couple game names on the sides
I’d be interested in the complex Zelda deisgn and the custom design for better airflow

Agreed! White please, or clear/transparent.