API replacement server available: ouya.cweiske.de

My little OUYA API replacement server is available to the public: http://ouya.cweiske.de/

You can use it to get the DISCOVER section of your OUYA running again. It allows you to install all the classic OUYA games that have been saved at the Internet Archive.

Instructions and more screenshots are on the site itself. Source code is available at https://github.com/cweiske/stouyapi/.


Blog post: http://cweiske.de/tagebuch/stouyapi.htm

Hi, I get a server timeout error when trying to you your conf file, any ideas why?

Most likely you need to make sure that you are using ethernet ONLY. And try rebooting your OUYA a time or two more.

If you can’t even login, you may have an old firmware and need to flash a newer one on first.