Broken usb micro... Is flashing etc possible without it?

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Hi everyone! :blush: I bought a second OUYA console for a low price and it is working fine but it has a broken usb micro port. I was wondering if it is possible to do the whole flashing process with the latest firmware and in general get the console properly up and running without the use of the usb micro port…

Thank you very much! :blush:

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Should be. Might have to use the ADB over Network option.

The OOBE setup (where you have to choose the wireless network) cannot be finished without USB, because ADB over network cannot be enabled at this stage.

Firmware updates without USB are only possible when the OUYA automatically detects that there is a new firmware update available, but manually flashing a new ones does not work without USB.

When you already see the main screen with “play” and “discover”, you can enable ADB over network and then modify the configuration to point to the new server.

Thank you very much for your answers!

Ok, this might sound extremely stupid, but do you think that if I try a male to male connection with the normal usb port, would that work or I will probably fry my PC and/or OUYA in the process? :hear_no_evil::disappointed_relieved:

I have no idea. I also never heard that that would work.

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I see… Ok I’m a bit sceptical now if I should try it or not… :hear_no_evil: I have an old laptop somewhere which I don’t really need… I might try it there and let you know the results :joy:

I doubt this will work and I also doubt that anything will get fried if you try it, but it’s your call. Maybe research it a little more first. Ask those blokes at stackexchange, they seem pretty savvy.