Bypassing Paywall Checks?

[1-sentence summary]
Just trying to figure out how to bypass the pay wall checks.

[What should be happening]
I purchased Final Fantasy III back in the day. I should be able to play it.

[What is happening]
It keeps kicking me back to demo mode.

[What I’ve tried already]
I tried some of the other servers, and while it’s cool to be able to access some of my OUYA collection, some of my purchased games are still coming up in Demo mode. Any help would be appreciated or a pointer to where I can get the help? Tried looking on Google, but all that comes up for me are articles and YouTube videos about Ouya being a failure and it dying in 2019. I had a little no to another site you guys sent me to figure out how to get back online, but I lost my bookmarks… :cry:

See Restoring OUYA game purchases

Some will not unlock, for example Final Fantasy 3. But that’s usually visible in the game description.

bro you need another solution as rooting does not work. All your soultuions require root. Root needs su, su can not be replaced. Sure the guids for installing the update work, but not the root guid.

Rooting the OUYA does work unless you replaced the “su” binary and broke it.

FF3 finally unlocks now.