Cannot pass the "Select a Network" screen

[1-sentence summary]
After factory resetting the OUYA that I bought from Goodwill, I cannot get pass the “Select a Network” screen even though I’ve connected the OUYA to the router via Ethernet.

[What should be happening]
After I select “Ethernet”, I should go on to the next screen.

[What is happening]
I’m told that the OUYA can’t connect to the internet.

[What I’ve tried already]
I have copied the file to “Ouya Console/Internal storage/”.
I downloaded the file from here:

Sounds like your OUYA has an old firmware and you need to update it via adb before it’ll connect to the server.

I don’t have instructions on that at the moment, but many people have been able to do it and are then able to connect fine to get past internet check screen.

@Keeblo Did you figured this out? Cause we have! Its DNS related. Check out this comment for more details: How to bypass account login/firmware update page

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