Dodge Spree X - Now on OUYA

Hi Community!

Following the footsteps of Shoot & Destroy X (another mini game from an arcade section of an abandoned action-adventure game), his younger brother Dodge Spree - is finally eXtended:

Run - Jump - Slide - Rush towards Salvation

Someone is out to get you! You better get moving before they catch you!

Dodge Spree X is an extended edition celebrating this 1-bit 2D forced side scrolling platformer’s 11th anniversary. Run, jump, duck and slide your way towards salvation.

Definitely inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog games, there are now:

  • 7 eXtended levels + 3 eXtended boss chases;
  • 30 secondary objectives;
  • 30 - 120 minutes of playtime;
  • Music by Andrew Hind and TaleSay;
  • Progress save system;
  • Controller Support;

Available for PC, OUYA and OUYA compatible android systems (Jelly Bean).



Dodge Spree (Jam Version) has been updated on the OUYA Saviours community store. It now has music and Sfx.