Favorite Controller Colors?

Need to get in the habit of posting here. :wink: Figured I’d start with a good general topic:

What are everyone’s favorite controller color combos?

I have the retail (metal plates on black) controller, white controller, yellow plates on black, and mint plates on black. My favorite is yellow and black, and of course the white plates on a black controller looks great. The mint plates on white looks really nice, too!

I like them all, especially mixing up the colored ones, ala Nintendo Switch Joy Cons. But lately I’ve been rocking the Mint, as it’s the closest to the Android green.

I don’t own any of the faceplate unfortunately, but I do love the White controller, aswell as the Orange faceplates :slight_smile:

I like the black developer controllers a lot. You should post some pictures for easy reference here!

These are the few colors I was able to acquire, so far.

I keep the colors together most often, for the kids to play multiplayer and know which is theres. And also to differentiate from the Nintendo Joy Cons.

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I’m a fan of the metal grey, so when I get around to painting mine, I’ll likely keep the metal. I might try to duplicate the copper, maybe a gunmetal dark, maybe a rose color. We’ll see.

Hey @ProHiScore, you should reach out to TheImmortalJohnHancock on Youtube and throw him an invite to the forum. Ask him to make a master thread of everything worth collecting for. If its out there for the system he has it!


That task may be better suited for TD as he has a larger collection than I.

Any chance you have a photo of the orange ones?



Oh, sorry, I misread. Thought you said you had the orange one.

That looks a bit more red than I was hoping. Guess I’ll pass on tracking one down.

While searching for pics, I found one of all the different faceplates:

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I have them all, but the white one I love the most!


I honestly wanted the reading rainbow blue ouya set.

I also liked the Ouya 2.0 black, but legit never saw it for sale, just its webpage ad saying out of stock.


Been thinking about making one myself out of a white one… but they are so damn rare…

I just found this forum, and my Ouya. I’m so glad it’s not dead yet! I think it’ll go for a walk (or a play once I find the power supply).

Here are my OG bronze controllers and Ouya from Kickstarter.


I wanted an orange one and a yellow one.

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I’ve got some Yellow faceplates. They’re pretty snazzy

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