Found The Deer God Alpha Demo in Aptoide

I found this game on Aptoide from Ouya and it suggests a question … how many more games are there that are not preserved?

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Can you post a link for that? Honestly there’s probably a bunch because we don’t know about them

I don’t know if this is the right place to post some Aptoide. Anyway, here is the link that Aptoide generates.

You just have to download the apk on the pc and open the file in Ouya itself where it has just been downloaded and installed between your games. If I am breaking any of the conditions of the forum I apologize in advance.

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Have you played it? How does it run?

The little I have played indicates that everything is going well

@Errazking Nice find. I’ll check that out.

From my research there are a number of Demo’s & Prototypes floating about that were intended for the OUYA but never got an ‘official’ release.

You can see a short list of some of them here.