FYI: The Great OUYA Game Jam - December 2019 - OUYA Lives!

A game jam celebrating the revival of the OUYA, running from the 6th to the 16th of December.

Voting will take place between the 16th and the 20th of December. Anyone may vote on the submissions.

This game jam is about encouraging a boost in new games for the OUYA, even if just small ones created in a few days. The OUYA was all about the indie developer getting to publish their games on a console for the first time, and we think it’s still good for that!

I’ll hopefully be writing a game for this! :slight_smile:


Hey Ouya world, I landed on your planet for the first time today after noticing the upcoming jam on

I’m not familiar with the Ouya except in knowing about its brief moment in the sun. With that said, as a hardcore Nintendo enthusiast, I know all about loving an underdog console and platform that wasn’t widely accepted but is overflowing with potential (Gamecube / Wii U / Virtual Boy).

Please allow me to take up arms with you to fight the good fight and jam with you this upcoming jam. My role is mainly in the audio department, specifically music composition, and I understand sfx come with the territory. I’m learning Git to help streamline team development latency and through that process I’ll be learning how to maneuver an engine’s audio capabilities.

Does anyone need an audio guy for their team?

Here is a website portfolio with ost’s and accompanying links to games I’ve worked on that you can download and play.

Thank you for reading!