General question to users about there favorite game (wishes)

I have so many questions. It’s to figure out, what games user would love to play on the OUYA.
I know e.g. that multiplayer party games are a thing.

Which kind of games do you like most? Is graphic - visual fidelity, or special visual style - important for you? Have games to be fun or could they also “generate” other emotions like fear, sadness. What about mature themes like nudity, drugs, gore. Do they belong to the story? e.g. what about a graphic novel with sexy girls, but the gameplay is “Bejeweled”. Would it be fine, to see “real” persons like in FMV in games, or would it be to disturbing? Are you interested in gay love stories? Or more in games like Beat Saber. Would somebody play a Point’n’Click game with controller support on the OUYA? Are puzzles a thing?

I think people are wanting games they haven’t seen before. I really liked it takes two because as short as it was, I hadn’t played anything like it. I know if rather play a terrible unique indie game than a mediocre first person shooter

Yeah, honestly, anything multiplayer. Preferably something new and unique. I think that’s Ouya’s bread and butter.

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Can ouya support emulation from cemu or dolphin? Cause id love to play wii u and wii isos on the ouya

Can? Probably. Can do it well? Almost a guarantee it would be really slow. You need a powerful machine to handle those at a decent framerate and the OUYA is not that lol

Emuluation via CEMU or Dolphin would not be possible. There for you would need a nVidia Shield TV, but if we would have a Re-compiler, the OUYA could run Wii / GameCube / PS2 like games. The OUYA is very good in emulating N64. And it could do graphics like Wii / GameCube / PS2, if they are created for its processor and graphics chip in mind.