Guide/Method for debricking Ouya

I spent some time earlier this year working to debrick a Nexus 7 that had a wiped bootloader. After managing to get that working, I moved on to the Ouya. Pyre who stopped by the OUYA Saviors Discord kindly sent me a working first gen Ouya to experiment with.

Here is the result:

This won’t be a one size fits all approach, but should handle both the scenario of erasing the bootloader completely, and of a bad kernel flash (more likely, I think). The bad kernel flash requires opening up the Ouya and shorting out a specific pin on the PCB to force it into the Tegra SoC’s so-called “APX” or “RCM” mode. That’s all documented in detail in the guide.

This has only been tested on the Kickstarter Ouya. There may be enough differences in the later model(s) to prevent the steps from working as-is.

Feel free to let me know if certain things are unclear or incorrect, but I unfortunately don’t have time to walk people through the steps or e.g. guide people through setting up the necessary Linux environment to perform the debrick.