How do I keystroke "Home" to the Ouya to do a reflash?

[1-sentence summary]

I need to reflash an Ouya to stock, but can’t figure out how to keystroke “Home” to enable ADB sideload.
[What should be happening]
I need to get into Ouya Recovery Menu.

[What is happening]
It just sits at the red exclamation point.

[What I’ve tried already]
Both Mac and Windows keyboards.

P.S. Just some background. Loaned my mint Ouya with 200+ games to a youtuber to do an expose on it and when it came back, the sound is gone. Am reasonably sure it isn’t hardware, as the Beatbox notifications sounds in the Lillipop menu do work. Was advised to reflash the Ouya back to default.

So you attached an USB keyboard to the OUYA’s USB port and pressed the home key, and that did not work?

Is it this key?

Thanks! I feel pretty silly. Sadly, the refresh didn’t fix my sound issue - had to buy another.