How do you purchase games now?

[1-sentence summary]Just as asked above.

[What should be happening]I want to input my CC information to pay for unlocking the games.

[What is happening]an error. I can’t update that info still.

[What I’ve tried already]inputting the CC info. As I’ve seen the paid games on tge store I was hoping to be able to unlock the few games I still had in Demo mode from when they killed the servers. Is it possible or is there another way to unlock the games?

I got the answer off of the Ouya Forums. Why is it so dead here? Are there that few Ouya Heads left? Lets revitalize this community, guys! Come on!

“Why is it so dead here?” It’s just that Discord is so much easier. We mainly use for posting tutorials and such. Also in the event that ouyaforum ever goes dark permanently, the remaining users who don’t want to use Discord will have somewhere to go.

Also, since no one is able to register a new account at ouyaforum, this gives those people somewhere to go.