How hard is it to develop for the OUYA?

Use this old article as reference:

We would all love to hear from Developers on their take of developing for the OUYA.

Coding for OUYA was a doddle, making use of Monkey-X.
The worst part was getting Java and AndroidSDK installed.
To get MonkeyX games running on OUYA, you needed to install exact versions of both SDKs, and as time has gone on, getting hold of those exact versions has gotten harder and harder.
Even worse, if you try to install archive versions (from their own websites) the stupid things end up auto-updating themselves, and you’re back at square one.

But once it worked, it was lovely. Compile a game for Windows, Switch to OUYA Mode, hit Compile, Job done!! an .apk, ready to go.
That’s pretty much all you needed to do for OUYA.
To run tests, pop your APK onto your server, open the browser on OUYA, and click the .apk. Because of the “freedom” of the OUYA, that’s all you had to do.

Uploading to OUYA=Proper was a doddle. Fill in a simple html page, upload apk and screenshots, job done…

The experience with Team OUYA was full of wonderful feedback, and great advice along the way. They helped guide me to make a better menu system, taught me to avoid the edge of the screen due to Overscan issues, helped me figure out the horrendous controller issues once they switched to Razer Cortex, and more.
The back and forth between me and Team OUYA has been some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten in the world of GameDev, and I’ll never forget the experience.

I do miss those weekly back & forths.


archive versions (from their own websites)

Are those downloads freely available? What needs done to keep them from auto-updating (Is it as easy as setting a preference checkbox)?

Uploading to OUYA=Proper was a doddle

We’re making a form you can fill out to do the same on the new community server. Would it be fair to have devs use or any other file host for the APK and screenshots and just paste in links to those assets? Would that be an undue burden on devs? Anyone feel free to jump in and enlighten me.

Thought I’d give my thoughts based on my Game Jam entry. Using ADB with Unity was awesome. I could build and run the application straight onto the console with a single click. Made testing super easy.

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