Im stuck trying to get ouya as an android ABD device

Ok im trying to root my Ouya and connect to the current server and i cant for the life of me get Windows to see the Ouya as an Android Adb device I hit update and its says the best drivers are already installed.
How can i do it manually

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I know it’s possible, I’ve done it. Not to worry, we’ll get you the help you need. I can’t help right now, (too difficult to shift my brain to it), but help is on the way.

Did you install the Google USB drivers for the OUYA?
See maybe
(ok, I assume it is not much different on win10)

Ok @darkdoor. I’m not certain what you’ve done and haven’t so, do a little reading and then get back to us. If you want, join us over at the OUYA Saviors Discord server, someone else is having a similar issue.






Also @darkdoor you might edit your thread title “Abd” → “ADB”

So finally got some time to start doing this Im at looking for android_winusb.inf i cant find it in android studio and not sure if thats what im looking in anyways

Do you mean "android_usb.ini"?

If so try c:\users[username].android