Is there currently any way to create an account?

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Greetings to all, I’m Igor Errazkin, Errazking, a vasque retro game designer wanting to do something for Ouya. Can I try something to create an account?

[What should be happening]

After a long week of waiting I just got a baker’s Ouya. My disappointment has been great to see that the machine was without active account, from what I have read and as I understand it has been restored to factory mode.

[What is happening]

When trying to access the internet, what happens to many happens to me, it doesn’t find servers either by Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

[What I’ve tried already]

I have added the file that you attach in this link, but I understand that having no active account will result in another problem.

A little hopeless I ask you for help in the hope that some brilliant mind or a charitable soul can get me out of this mess, thanks in advance for dedicating your time

Postscript: I apologize for my poor Google translator English. sorry

I feel really stupid, I have continued reading the link before and I see that my question was already answered previously in that same thread. I apologize. I will try to follow your advice, thanks) before and I see that my question was already answered previously in that same thread.

I apologize. I will try to follow your advice, thanks

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Welcome, @Errazking!

Your english is great! The DNS entry for is now gone, so it seems that factory reset OUYA’s require some extra work now. This is a new issue that we just begun facing, so we’re still working on fixing it.

Please see this comment on how to point your DNS server to us in order to fix this issue. You could also use ADB to update the hosts file. How to bypass account login/firmware update page

Thank you very much, the truth is that the desire to see this machine work is making me nervous, the videos that I have seen the only thing they do is increase my desire to do something playable for her.
But first I must make it work.:sweat_smile:
Postscript: until this morning I will not be able to make any attempt to change the DNS, my family can kill me as I leave them without internet. I will have to wait for them to sleep to act.:sweat:

Hosanna in heaven!
Thank you, thank you, after an afternoon of hardships my Ouya works. I am overwhelmed by emotion. I have no words to make you part of my joy.
I hope to compensate you with some of my creations this year. Then it will be a crab … but it will be our crab.
Eskerrikasko ( thnx in vasque) for Szeraax and Cweiske for your words and conseils


I can hardly wait! So excited! :slight_smile:

Yes, that is my twitter account. :sweat_smile:
My Ouya has stopped a collaboration in which I am making graphics for a game for Sega Master System.
The message is a joke for my friends and regular followers.
Nor do I want to say much about the Ouya at the moment since for me it is an unknown machine. :sweat:
But I will be publishing news to remember that a good idea is a good idea even if it fails for other people’s reasons.:cry: