Jelly Bean Easter Egg

An image of the red Android Jelly Bean mascot without facial features or antennae can be found in the OUYA home menu by following these steps:

  • Go to MANAGE > SYSTEM > ADVANCED in the OUYA home menu

  • Go to “About Console” (It’s at the very bottom)

  • Highlight “Android Version” and rapidly press the “O” button 3 times

(To exit this screen, simply press the “A” button)


The exact origins of this Easter egg are not currently known.


I seem to vaguely remember this from years ago. But I couldn’t have said,
“Yeah, to see the Jelly Bean, go tap “About” 3x fast.” Nice find!

I discovered that if you use the touch pad and click on the Jelly Bean, it reveals this:

And furthermore, if you tap on the Jelly Bean with the touch pad and then slide, it reveals this:

You can then tap on the individual Jelly Beans and move them around, or fling them off screen into infinity.