List of OUYA games you bought back in the day

Managed to compile a list of games I paid for on the Ouya back in the day:

Ouch Couch
The Ball
Amazing Frog?
Super Hexagon
No breaks Valet
Sonic 4
Sonic CD
Broken Age
Another World
AvP Evolution
The Lost Souls
Ravensword Shadowlands

Games I won in a competition:

Knightmare Tower
Unearthed: The trail of Ibn Batutta
Neon Shadow

Interested to see what games others bought!

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These are just off the top of my head, I’m sure there were more. Too numerous were the .99c games, these were just considered a donation. Didn’t really buy many $15+ games, if any. Hard to remember.

Bloo Kid 2
Hidden in Plain Sight
Particle Soup
Pixel Staff
Super Daddio 2
Super Hexagon
Super Pixalo
TowerFall Ascension

Wanted to buy FF3, Pier Solar and a few other big name games but never got around to it. Figured I had time. Then it was announced that OUYA was shutting down, so I put any purchases on hold, in concern for not being able to play them after the shutdown.

Was Towerfall and Ascension separate purchases, then? Never knew that!

If they weren’t we had to double purchase a few games because our first OUYA went back to the factory, then when we got our replacement, OUYA said they’d replace the games were had purchased but then they were like, oops, we can’t figure that out.

So we had to buy them again. Plus they were different versions, ex. Dubwars, Towerfall, etc

As far as I remember, Ascension replaced the original Towerfall.

Has the first version of DubWars surfaced in the meantime?

Not yet. Really do hope we find a copy.

There was a pc version of the first Dubwars, I had it. Sadly, no longer.

We have Dubwars 1.0 but it’s a demo and only the first level is playable.

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Is it possible to install Towerfall and TF Ascension side by side on the same machine?
Can I modify the apk in a way to do so? When I tried, it only replaced the previous installation.

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I do not think it’s possible as is. And modifying the apk is likely out of the question too. But I’m not 100% certain of this.

It’s actually something I would like for other titles too, I hate forced updates/overwrites. Dubwars comes to mind.

amazing frog swindon space program
towwerfall acesion
bloo kid 2
sonic4 epsiode 1
sonic 4 epidoe 2
minigore zombies 2
the ball
regan gorbacof connetion
heros of lootick breaker
r type 1 and 2
full blast
brick breaker 1, 2, and 3
double dragon trilogy
monster quest 2
raensword shadowlands
a few tables in pinball acrade
goblin quest
the bards tale
also some helicopter game that was bundled with it.
that tetris game i bought and then they discounted the servers.
joy joy
inferno 1 and 2
final fantasy 3
hero generations
given for free by the company that shall not be named
some demo with dots
stolen presents
catlaterial damage
i know ill think of others

i know this seems like a lot and it is but i was obsessed at one point in my life with the system. First system i ever did digital downloads so my impulse control needed work