Looking for Ouya PSU Adapter for EU/Germany

Hi folks,

when I received my Ouya Limited Edition back in the day the German customs officer had the nerve to confiscate said item. As far as I recall there were 3 adapters included: one for the UK, one for USA/Japan and one for the EU/Germany. So maybe one of you has a surplus EU/Germany one that you don’t need? I want to complete my Ouya as I paid for the whole system. (To be clear I don’t need the PSU but the adapter only that goes on top of it).

My OUYA that I bought on german amazon only included the US adapter. I had to resort to a different power plug since ever.

Hi Christian,

thanks for your reply. Well, I was a backer of the original crowdfunding campaign and ordering from Germany. The delivery was delayed 3 times by external factors (like the allegedly missing CE sign on the console itself as well as on the controllers and the PSU, and a further 2 times, also caused by customs). My Ouya LE feels incomplete and I want it to be whole again - especially as it is the bronze Limited Edition. I think that original backers from the UK, the USA or Japan might have also gotten 3 adapters so they might have a surplus EU/German one to spare - not sure how the delivery was handled as per individual country, however.

I have an odd power adapter that I got with one of my OUYAs, I believe it was the Bronze one. I think it has 2 thin, long, round plug ends. It’s in storage so I don’t have access to it but I’ll keep you in mind when I find it. Though shipping to Germany might be nuts, from the US. Maybe we can work something out.

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Hi ProHiScore,

This sounds to be exactly what I’m looking for (2 thin, long, round plug ends). I don’t really care for shipping costs - I still order from all over the world (Availability is the key factor here for me) and pay whatever is due (shipping costs, PUP, customs and additional fees. I can pay via Paypal, Payback American Express or bank draft. I’m sure we can strike a deal!

Thanks-a-lot. Contact me again here when you found it. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your response…

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I haven’t forgotten, I just haven’t had access to look for it as of yet. I hope I can help you out soon.

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Thanks for the Update. Definitely still interested. Just FYI: Payment can be made via my standard bank account (would need name of account holder, BIC and IBAN then), VISA or AMEX.

Paypal is only an option if I can bypass their 2-Factor-Authentification which seems almost impossible if it isn’t a recurring payment. This bunch of villains always keeps asking for my Smartphone number to either send me a SMS or verification code. Guess what - I have no active smartphone anymore so everything would land in limbo. You can’t even delete an invalid number yourself.)

Hey my friend. I finally got to explore the tote that I thought the adapter was in and I did but unfortunately I don’t have the one you need. It’s a US plug after all. Sorry mate. Good luck on finding it.