Make your own Ouya

I’ve figured out something interesting so I just wanted to share, I’ve got an Ouya controller but no ouya, and since ouya is android I figured out that I might be able to run it’s apk files on my phone, it’s just that the games are made for ouya controller, and I was right, I downloaded some ouya game apk’s from (here) and it was working flawlessly, and so obviously the next step would be using my cheap 20$ android tv box and side loading apk files and connecting the controller to it, and to my surprise that worked I was able to play all the ouya games with my ouya controller on my TV, there isn’t even the need for ouya anymore, and the discover website can be used from the browser on any android device itself so I didn’t even need to sideload all the apk’s, and I know that online you can buy like some unlocked TV boxes that allow modifications to be made so my toughts are what if we dump original ROM from ouya and port it to those, we could revive the console, since I know ouya has been discontinued and new consoles aren’t produced anymore.

also any third patry controllers can now be re-mapped to do ouya controls for playing ouya games so there isn’t even the need for having the original controller.

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  • Could you give an example how you re-mapped a third party controller for ouya controls?
  • Do games that use the OUYA purchasing/receipt API work? (Those that check with the server if they have been bought and if they can be unlocked)

Sounds interesting. OUYA emulation would be cool. I’d also like to see a Windows or Linux PC OUYA/Android emulation some day.

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