My Ouya broke no longer goes to the splash sceen then black scrrens

My Ouya no longer displays the Ouya splash screen and once it gets past the controller pairing sceen it displays just a black image. Anyone knows whats going on?

Sounds bricked to me. Could you try plugging it into a computer using the micro USB port and tell me what it appears as in the device manager? It should either say nothing at all, MTP device, APX or OUYA console.

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You could also try a different TV and different HDMI cable. Just to rule those out. You could also do a factory reset from recovery (run adb reboot recovery to access recovery).

To I would king but only with the micro ones who plugged in. Not sure what that’s about must likely will just back up the files and I rnasfer to my white Ouya

You have a white one? That’s awesome!