My TOP 15 sideload games on Ouya!

In my humble opinion, unofficial games from Ouya, but that amused me on our beloved console! The list has no indicative order, just 15 sideload games that for me have become essential:sweat_smile:


Beach Buggy Racing a great game like Mario Kart or Crash CTR, cool graphics and good gameplay!


The player must guide two brothers in an adventure set in a world with a fairytale air, but without all the “childishness” usually attributed to the genre. In Ouya in some parts there is a slight drop in fps but nothing to harm!


Already known to many, I was surprised to be able to play on my Ouya!


The remake of the classic Sega Master System! For you to play with the Ouya controller it is necessary to download it in a Chinese app store, because they already adapt the game for physical controls, I recommend the Muzhiwan Store!


Man what an addictive game! Definitely the best “caterpillar game”. The game innovates in some aspects and at each stage the player is predicted!


Exclusive to Wii until then, The Conduit is a good FPS game. The game fell like a glove on Ouya!


Great graphics, fun fps! Blow up zombie brains everywhere! Only in the menu is it necessary to use the Ouya touchpad!


NES remake, 2D graphics are beautiful! ATTENTION: to play on Ouya you have to modify the apk, with some apk editor first, very simple task, you just have to change the compatibility of Android to 4.1, since the game only runs on version 4.2 above! I used the Apk Editor, it ran smoothly on Ouya!


The beginning of one of Rockstar’s greatest classics in a three-dimensional world! Smooth, smooth wheel!


Rockstar classic, in some points the game has a drop in FPS, but in general the game runs well on Ouya !!


No comments! Only the game runs beautifully on Ouya!


A simple and fun puzzle game!


One of Dreamcast’s most rememberable games, now in HD, runs smoothly on Ouya!


One of the pioneers of Playstation 2 third person shooter. Max Payne is an excellent game, the plot, the gameplay! Another game that fit like a glove on Ouya!


Oops! I forgot one !! Sorry!:sweat_smile: (and also: Brothers a TALE of two sons)


The formula is basically the same as the previous work: under an aerial view, which refers to the first games of the GTA franchise, the player, wearing an animal mask, must enter different establishments to commit massacres in various ways. In view of this, the killer can interact with the scenarios to equip himself with knives, baseball bats, clubs, machine guns, pistols with silencers, shotguns, etc.

How is the speed / frames per second on these games? Are all playable without stuttering/frame drops?

Yes! All are playable, running smooth! Only in Brothers A Tale of Two Sons has a slight drop in frames in some parts of the game, but in general the game runs well!

Hello, what is the version off the game “Bully”? Because in my OUYA console it open and close, i don’t can play, thanks!

I played in version, make sure it is the GPU TEGRA version (apk and game obb)!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Anyone interested in playing DuckTales on Ouya, a quick tutorial!

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Thank’s very much! I will try!

Agora que vi que você também é brasileiro kkkkkkk, você encontrou alguma solução para o atraso do controle? A única que deu certo comigo foi tirar a placa do case.

You are brazilian, me too. You searched any solution of the controller delay problem? If yes, you found any solution? The unique solution work for me:

  • leave the card out of the video game.

Opa brazuca no pedaço!! :sweat_smile: Infelizmente esse é o maior problema do controle do Ouya, o lag!!! Hora por outra persiste em aparecer, a única coisa que sei é basicamente, quanto mais longe do console, mais longo é o atraso. Há mais de três metros, o lag chega a quase meio segundo. Mas se você tiver uma grana sobrando sugiro fortemente comprar Logitech F710 Wireless PC, é um ótimo controller compativel com tudo no Ouya!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Funciona com: Emuladores, interface OUYA e Jogos.
Works with: Emulators, OUYA interface and Games.

Unfortunately this is the biggest problem with Ouya’s control, the lag !!! Time after time keeps showing up, the only thing I know is basically, the farther from the console, the longer the delay. Over three meters, the lag reaches almost half a second. But if you have money left I strongly suggest buying Logitech F710 Wireless PC, it is a great controller compatible with everything on Ouya !!

Muito obrigado! Vou pesquisar sobre!

Thaks you very much! i will search about this!

Awesome list! Always good to find quality sideloaded OUYA games. I wonder if Hotline Miami will work well.

Yes! Works perfectly on Ouya!:wink:

Fala João. Massa essa lista. Consegui todos estes jogos, mas o do Mickey e o do Brothers só funcionaram com mouse, controle não reconheceu. Tem alguma versão específica deles também (assim como o Bully)? Ou se tem algum macete pra fazer funcionar (talvez até me ajude em outros jogos)?

Hi John. Cool list. I got all these games, but Mickey’s and Brothers’ only worked with a mouse, the gamepad didn’t recognize it. Do you have a specific version of them too (as well as Bully)? Or if you have a trick to make it work (maybe it will help me in other games)?

Thanks for the game suggestions
Also didn’t know Ouya Bluetooth was that bad I’ve never had much more lagg then my Vita

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Fala Júnior! Seguinte, no Brothers navega com o touchpad do Ouya em opções e muda a “opção tipo controle” e altera para botões físicos, que fica automaticamente compativel com o controle do Ouya (só o menu que é necessário o uso do touch)! No caso do Mickey somente lojas chinesas possuem a versão do jogo compativel com controle físico! :video_game: : Dá uma vasculhada na net em sites ou app stores chinesas e procura pelo game!!

Hey Junior! Next, at Brothers navigate with the Ouya touchpad in options and change the “control type option” and change to physical buttons, which are automatically compatible with the Ouya control (only in the menu it is necessary to use the touch)! In the case of Mickey, only Chinese stores have the game version compatible with physical control! :video_game: : Search the net on Chinese websites or app stores and search for the game !!