Need help with ADB please?

Hi there!

So I’ve managed to connect my PC to my ouya using ADB. I am trying to install Superuser, and the Xposed framework. This will let me run cweiske’s module that stops the ouya check for purchased games, and stop several games displaying as demos.

As I’ve said I can connect fine, i have all required files from his root tutorial. I go into adb shell, and try the command “su” and I’m greated with “access denied.”

I’ve searched google and all i can find are the one click root apks that used to work 6/7 years ago.

Anyone know their way round ADB? Help would be GREATLY appreciated.

PS My Ouya is registered etc, it’s been enjoyed happily since launch. I’ve not configured it to redirect to any new server, it still looks for default ouya ones at the minute.


Someone with my same problem tried the above code, so i thought i’d do the same. I’m no further in gaining su access, but hopefully the information above will make sense to someone?



Have you followed S Configs Root ouya tutorial?

EDIT - I see what you mean now! That is weird. Maybe reflash the firmware?

I have great news: You’re not hosed, even though your su is hosed.

Here’s my permissions: image

You’ll have to do a factory reset from recovery to reset the su to original and then you’ll have to back all back into it again. You’ll also have to replace the su binary again. Personally, I open up 2 adb shells when I mess with su: one session stays in su elevation and the other one is where I try to launch su. If I borked something with the file or its permissions, I can just use the 1st session to fix anything as needed.

Hope that helps!

Thanks guys for the replies, obviously i screwed something up back in the day and the SU isn’t the original one. I’ve spent a lot of time loading and tweaking my ouya, so will weigh up the pros and cons before I go down the reset route.

Thanks again :slight_smile: