Need help with purchases

so i got my ouya all setup and im trying to play heroes of loot the first one but when i click on it to play the game it tells me to purchase the full version of the game any ideas how to bypass this? so for some odd reason the game is stuck in demo mode

edit i bought the game before the servers went down but it still doesnt see that i own the full game im stumped

also i need to know will i still be able to play shadowgun or no i bought shadow gun when the ouya first came out its the reason i bought an ouya

Requires rooting your Ouya, then following the instructions found here:

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@Toasterkidd how do i root the ouya is there a proper guide dont wanna boark my ouya

See your last thread.


@Toasterkidd no dice i followed tyo guide to root the ouya but the ADB sdk keeps on closing out im on windows 10 idk whats going on

You can use kingroot most people have have had thing’s to say about it but I ne ever had any issues