New file hosting by Binary Cocoa

I’m very pleased to announce that we have a new file host donated to us by Binary Cocoa ( The donated file host improves your download speeds by 10-20x (depending on what country you’re in). It also drastically improves image load times making the discover store snappier than ever!

Supporting Binary Cocoa

Want to thank them for donating to us and other gaming communities? Subscribe to their newsletter from their homepage (which will have some freebies in the next week or two!).

You can also buy some of their video games or physical games. I trust that you can find the shop on your own :stuck_out_tongue:


Six+ months ago, Joseph from Binary Cocoa asked me, “How can Binary Cocoa support the Ouya Saviors Project?” At the time, we didn’t really need anything, but a better host for the community server would be a bit more stable than our old host. We migrated it and have enjoyed the very fast server for several months now.

They also gave us a small file server that our developers’ games from the 2019 GameJam could get hosted on and it worked really well. We created a developer portal that would upload their games and get the game registered on the OUYA for download. Since then, we’ve taken down that portal. We hope to turn it on again at some point in the future, but we shall see.

We noticed that the file downloads from the Internet Archive (IA) are capped ar around 1MBps and many games took a very long time to download. I decided that if we could mirror the entire IA library to the Binary Cocoa file host, we’d be able to simply change the URL and point to that host for faster downloads. I talked to them and was given the OK to mirror all 100GB+ of data to the file host. YAY!

And now, things are much faster! Thanks again Joseph and Binary Cocoa for helping us out!