New Ouya, not sure how to fix it

I ordered another OUYA online but I can’t get it to show up on my laptop.

It should be recognized by my computer.
OUYA boots up on the TV, everything seems normal.
I have ADB, Android Studio and the like. Still, no device shows up.

I’m on Windows 11 (now) and have all the other prerequisites.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Does it show up in the device manager?
Does it show up in “adb devices”?

Did you install the drivers? (
Is it a 4-wire USB cable instead of a 2-wire-charging-only cable?

If it shows up in “adb devices” but with “no permission”: Configure adb_usb.ini - Android Debug Bridge (ADB) - Android Wiki

I may have to investigate the cable issue. But I’m still a little in the weeds because most instructions are for older versions of windows. Things are just slightly different in 11.

Did you plug a USB cord into the mini USB on the back of the Ouya? Mine recognizes as Ouya but never could get it to see as Android device… I was however to get it going from a reset device to mostly fully running…