Ouya Anywhere set up

I need help setting up ouya Anywhere I can and will link the zip apk files if any of you guys can patch and get the files working anyone could play ouya games if someone can patch it all it needs is server configuration fixes and connection fixes if any of you guys can help that would be nice and my explanation is ouya Anywhere allows anyone to download a modified ish version of the ouya oob apk framework and launcher apks to turn anything into a ouya so if anyone can help me patch this and get this working so I can turn a tablet into a ouya that would be nice: OuyaAnywhere.zip - Icedrive

See Restoring OUYA Everywhere on Mad Catz Mojo

I don’t have the mad cats MOJO and none of the apps are installable on that page

Can you help because the installer apk on that page doesn’t work

I can’t download it at all and how can I set it up?

You need to provide more information:

  • which device do you have, with with android version
  • what did you do
  • what output did you get on the console
  • what errors/messages were shown on screen

I got it to work but is amazing frog on the store and if it is which section