OUYA Craft V1.0


Hey guys just released the 1.0 version of my game jam entry now called OUYA craft. A lot has been fixed since the last version including:

Save/Load your world
Title screen
Settings menu
Day/Night Cycle

delta time implementation
collisions (no more randomly falling to the bottom of the map)
controller input
mesh build improvements
ouya menu corrupted game graphics

Will eventually get it on the ouya discover store. I already have big plans for future updates. In the immediate future this is what I plan on working on as well as bugfixes and qol improvements.

Performance update
Significant rewrite of chunking system to improve performance while generating the world. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a larger render distance as well, right now we’re limited by generation speed.

Split screen update
Add 1-4 player splitscreen drop in and out dynamically in game

Block update
Add new types of blocks and more functionality to them


Now available on the Discover store!