Ouya doesn't see games library

Ouya doesn’t see previously installed games.

It should discover the games that were previously downloaded, but isn’t.

The files are still there, but nothing happens when I load up. Nothing on the USB or internal memory shows up. Have tried refreshing the login, but hasn’t helped. ‘Storage’ under the settings tab only acknowledges the unused space on either drive - as if it is blind or unable to see anything previously installed.

Not sure what to do now.

You reflashed the firmware, and now it has been reset to the factory settings. The games are gone.

You have to re-install them from the server/discover store.

They are all on the USB - I can still see them in Windows. There is no reason the Ouya shouldn’t be discovering them, unless something is messed-up with the accounts path.

what is on usb? .apk files? They must be installed first.

They are the fully-installed games (moved there from the Ouya). Knowing how stupid Linux variations can be (package manager crap), it is entirely possible it can’t see them. THIS is why Linux will never be a serious gaming platform. A stand-alone executable will always be better than having bits and pieces (and desktop files) strewn all over usr/local/blah/blah/blah etc.
Will likely just toss the whole thing away. It took 4 years to figure out what was worth playing on the dumb thing and hours to back it all up, only to have it all count for nothing. Say what you will about Windows and Mac - this kind of thing doesn’t happen there.

Speaking in Windows terms: You expect that you install a windows application on your PC, copy the folder from the “Program Files” to a backup disk, reinstall windows and now expect the start menu entry of that application to magically appear by plugging in the disk?

Speaking in MacOS terms: You expect that you can do the following: install an application by moving it to /Applications, copying it from there to a backup disk, reinstalling MacOS, attaching the backup disk and the application magically appears in launch pad?

This is what you did on your OUYA, and neither Windows nor MacOS support that either.

True - but neither of them REQUIRES start menu or launchpad. That is Linux/Android’s Achilles Heal - the need for a central application alias. Both Mac OS and Windows see an executable for what it is no matter where it lives.

I appreciate your replies, but the lack of portability here is a deal-breaker.