OUYA related bulk Bookmark dump

This is a bulk dump of old OUYA related Bookmarks that I’ve been hanging on to and meaning to go through. I wanted to share them here, in case someone wants to browse them. Hopefully you’ll find something useful.

I’ll be working out of this post, seeing what I want to keep for myself, so this list may change during that time, if I find something outdated or useless.

Some are from the old OUYA forum, so you’ll need to go to archive.org to view them. If they’re pertinent, I’ll update the link here, when I get the time.

If I find any more, I’ll add them to the top of the list.

Have fun looking!

Show Groups - OUYA Forum - Unofficial OUYA Forums

Member List - OUYA Forum - Unofficial OUYA Forums

Android version history - Wikipedia

Android Emulation - List of Emulators

docs/setup.md at master · ouya/docs · GitHub

Ouya Game Programming - Chapter 1 - Project Setup - unfoil.com

Game DRM Model Info

Root the Ouya – Then add Google Play! - S-Config

[ROM][AOSP] Android 7.1 Nougat for Ouya | Ouya

Cyanogen Mod CM11 and the Ouya. - S-Config

Ouya Anywhere installation to Cyanogen Ouya - S-Config

GitHub - ouya/docs: OUYA Developer Documentation

Installing ADB driver for Ouya in Windows 10 - S-Config

[HOWTO] adb / sideloading / superuser access | Ouya

How to install an .apk on your OUYA (update!) | Day of the OUYA

How to Install ADB on Windows, macOS, and Linux

A list of all known OUYA emulators for retro gaming | Day of the OUYA

OUYA Game List.xlsx - Google Sheets

OuyaLauncherFrankkieNL/FrankkieOuyaLauncher at master · frankkienl/OuyaLauncherFrankkieNL · GitHub

[BOOTLOADER][SAFEBOOT] Ouya Bootmenu (mlq) | Ouya

[DUAL-BOOT][RECOVERY] Ouya Boot Menu for Sup… | Ouya

[RECOVERY] Ouya CWM Recovery | Ouya

android - “adb pull” stuck in half way - Stack Overflow

Play SWF Files on Android Device Without Flash Player Plugin and without webview - Stack Overflow

ouya recover mode at DuckDuckGo

The Ouya Library : Free Software : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive

Turn almost Any Android Device into an OUYA | GBAtemp.net - The Independent Video Game Community

Ouya (ouya-ouya) - postmarketOS

List of Confirmed OUYA Games


libSDL-Android port

libsdl-android - Browse /apk at SourceForge.net

Kill Screen and OUYA Announce CREATE Online Game Jam

Museums of Failure (III): Ouya Saviors - Free Play - Medium

[HOWTO] Install Google SDK and ADB drivers i… | Samsung Galaxy Nexus

OUYA easter egg menu

Ouya Dust cover | Printer Boy

GitHub - tofurky/tegra30_debrick: fusee-gelee payload, supporting files, and guide for debricking Tegra 3 devices (2012 Nexus 7 and Ouya)