Poll: the company who shall not be named will release ouya.tv domain

According to domain WHOIS, ouya.tv is currently set to expire in 2021:

Before 2021-06-19, will Razer extend the domain registration or let it lapse?

  • Extend domain registration
  • Let domain lapse

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If it does lapse, we could take it and fix up all the OUYAs without any special file needed!

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This reminds me; I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it. I have communicated with the guy who owns https://ouya.com/ Jason C. Fung.

He told me that he wouldn’t be able to donate or give away the domain & then he went on to say that he doesn’t really even want to sell it. But he did say he’d point the domain to our webpage during his downtime.

There doesn’t seem to have been any activity on that site for at least 4 years so, I’m guessing it is indeed in a “downtime”.

Is this something we might want to pursue?

nah, googling ouya doesn’t show ouya.com above us, so there is little chance for people to end up there over us. Letting him point to us from homepage is a nice gesture on his part.

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