Questions about ouya controllers' skins

hello everyone! does anyone know anything about these controller skins?

i see they are printed also in the central part: could you be able to use the touchpad anyway? i suppose these skins are made in three different parts, 'cause the lid for batteries’s slot should be easy accessible, right?

just asking, cause i would like to be sure before spending money on it XD

Honestly @illud I would want to see an image of one of those skins actually on the OUYA controller and not just an edited image with the graphic super-imposed. They probably aren’t terrible. 3M is usually quality stuff.

On second glance, I don’t think these are actually made for the OUYA controller in mind, considering the touchpad and battery access issue. You would have to modify/cut the skin to make it work.

Put a piece of tape across the touchpad on your controller now, to see how much it messes with your gameplay, or if it works.

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woah, thank you for your suggestions, i’ll try with tape for sure! ^^ i’ll let you know how it is if i buy one skin! :smiley:

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Ok, good deal @illud!