Random Game Titles Created With Markov Chain & OUYA Library

In talking recently about how to come up with ideas for a Game Jam, I had mentioned how using something like a Random Emoji Generator could give some interesting ideas.


Then I got to thinking, what if I could take all the titles for the existing OUYA games and mix them up somehow. Well I found one solution, a Markov Chain.

Don’t know what that is? Basically it’s a way to get a random sequence based on the previous data. You’ll have to research to understand more than that. Suffice it to say, it works ok with this Markov Chain Generator.

I just Copy and Pasted all of these OUYA game titles (thanks szeraax) and set the order to 3 and the output to 5000.

Some of the results are ridiculous. Try for yourself.


Bomb Chicky Swiss
Cabs vs Robots:The Alien Pearl
Bombies & Robot by Fawesome.Mini!
Inside Test Souls
Crazy Cardinar Bike Tower of the From Tales of Illy King
Hidden Factor’s Man Shadows
Saga Hero Cannon TimeBall
Cashtronauts Chase Black Squad Vendetta One of Evil Muzzle
Jaggy Racer Combat 2: The Early Kill!
Tim-Tim The Mhain Resource Bard Max
Cheshire’s Compers Presel Real Memories & Robots
Coconuts: Eat Soul Hungry Joe:Prehistmaster Dash®-The Naked TuneIn Racer 2000 EX

Have fun!