Restoring OUYA purchases

If you ever purchased a game on the OUYA and now cannot play it anymore because the servers shut down and the in-game DRM converted the game back to demo mode:
It is now possible to get the game back to “purchased” state:

Thanks for all your and everyone else’s hard work to bring the Ouya pretty much back from the “dead” (or at least back from zombification). I tried a couple titles and they are working again.

However, do you know of any way to transfer a purchased title from one Ouya to another? I’ve got Saturday Night RPG on my Kickstarter Ouya and forgot to download it on my black Ouya before the main servers went down. I can download SMRPG just fine on my black cube but it doesn’t have whatever file it needs that’s probably residing on my KS cube to show it was purchased.

Not that it would be a big deal to root my KS cube and just have the two sitting by the family TV like sentries. Downside is unteathered objects tend to grow legs when small children are around.

Just install xposed + the plain purchases module on the second ouya, and you will be magically able to unlock all the games you had on the other ouya.