Side load google play store apps?

anyone know how to sideload apps from the google play store to the ouya cant seem to find a recent guide and i dont wanna boark my ouya

basically what i wanna do is download apps from google play and put them on my ouya to play them

I run through this one a couple months back and it worked just fine. S-Config’s tutorials are always brilliant. Rooting does come with a risk though, so you’ve been warned.


what risk im curious as to what risks before i decide to root it or not

Rooting always carries a small risk of bricking the device.

Rooting the OUYA is perfectly fine. I’ve accidentally deleted my su binary MULTIPLE times. Recovery flash works just perfect. Wipes everything on it, but the OUYA still works just fine. Go for it!

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@Toasterkidd so follow this link to rout the ouya

then follow the purchase guide correct

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Correct. Best of luck!