That Dragon Cancer

This is one of the most curious games I’ve found after reviewing the information I found on the Internet:
That Dragon Cancer
Game that was born for this platform and that makes me sad to see that I can not acquire but it is through Steam for PC.
I tried to make it work but it gives the usual error message 3002.
A pity, Ouya is an excellent platform despite what they say.
I have spent one of the best weekends playing with my family, something I can rarely say.
thank you for your attention

Try it again. I’ve done some work on server today and I think I’ve cleared out the last of the ERROR3002 for now.

Ah, in the game I get a error 3002 message. You need to install the xposed module (and SU, and Xposed framework) and it should then work. I can’t find his tutorial on it, but I"m sure that @cweiske can link to it easily enough.

I tried installing and playing the game here, and it works fine (using my server). And I do have the ouya-plain-purchases module installed and activated.

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Thank you very much, as soon as I have a moment I will try to follow your recommendations.

How fun it is to add SU in the OUYA. No, really no. The version of my Ouya is one of those that do not facilitate these options but in the end I have managed to root the machine. I used Kingroot and it worked for me, or so it seems. Once rooted the rest has been simple. No thanks to my capabilities as a computer, I owe it all to you, thank you with all my heart.

I thought this game was lost for sure (Like Final Fantasy 3)

Awesome stuff guys!