The Cave (bypass)

Hi everyone!
I just wake up my new Ouya! and I am discovering the system.
I can install the “Ouya plain purchases” but I can’t make it work to unlock the game “The Cave”.
I just want to ask if this game is compatible with this module or If I am doing something wrong.

Thank you very much for the help and sorry for my basic english! (I am spanish native speaker).

Did you follow all the steps to have the new Discover Store working?

Did you root your OUYA?

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Hi Zachary, thank you very much for your kind asnwer.
So sorry, but I have no idea what it is the “Discover Store”.
To get back my Ouya I follow all the instructions in the forums and in the Youtube videos.
The console is now in the comminuty servers and it has been rooted, yes.
I have the console back and I see a repository of games, but I didn’t install any apk with a new store.
Could you please recommend me any tutorial to follow to add it?
Thanks a lot for the help and patience with a rookie.

“The Cave” unlocks when both xposed and the plain purchases xposed module are enabled.


Hi guys, so sorry that I did a rookie mistake.
I installed everything but as @cweiske mention, I didn’t enable “plain purchases”, my wrong.
Thanks a lot for the help!

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