The developer portal is not accessible

I can’t get through Is something wrong?

The guy who was working on it has abandoned the project.

Due to the portal going down, the current way of publishing a game to the OUYA is by creating a GameData file in our github repo:

You can submit a PR and we’ll review + approve it. Or, if you just tell me where the APK is and some basic details about the game, I can make the file for you real quick. Here’s what base information I’d want if you have me create the file:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Author
  • Player config (1/2/3/4?)
  • Genres to be in
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Will the ODK can still work? I would love to try again. But, once I get the idea what game to make.

The ODK isn’t the way to go since the shutdown, tbh.

So, it would means only Android SDK is the only option to develop further for OUYA. and were totally different things. I think you’ve gotten confused. was the original site, allowing you to download the ODK (which is still freely available to download on github) and was a space to upload new games to the store post shutdown.