We need your help finding games!

There are around 60 games out of ~1400 that we haven’t found a copy of yet. We need your help finding these games!

We’ve created a google sheet to make it easy to see what we’re missing (and extra data if you want to scour the internet looking for a copy!):

Can you please check your OUYA to see if you have any of these missing games?

Note- you can use the filter view to sort the list by title or developer: image

If you do have any of these games, can you please send it to us? Easiest for us if you just post a download link in the appropriate game data file in a PR from our game data repo or from a comment here, or come say hi on our Discord and we can help you get the file to us.

Thank you for the help.

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Missing AGameAWeek games can be found here:

Blob’s Boxes - https://agameaweek.com/?Game=379
ChuckABall - https://agameaweek.com/?Game=339
My Little Rescue Helicopter - https://agameaweek.com/?Game=317
Oh, What A Dungeon - https://agameaweek.com/?Game=416
Pigeon’s Treat - https://agameaweek.com/?Game=409
Poke 5,n - https://agameaweek.com/?Game=414
Remembering Which Buttons Take However Long To Press - https://agameaweek.com/?Game=382
Shelley The Frog - https://agameaweek.com/?Game=397
Snake on a Moving Plain - https://agameaweek.com/?Game=381
SpikeDislike2 - https://agameaweek.com/?Game=286
Starfield Scrapyard - https://agameaweek.com/?Game=378
Widdal’s Wander - https://agameaweek.com/?Game=380