Were any of these game engines used to develop for OUYA?






BuildBox is to expensive for mobile export, I would say.

From the other engines I didn’t heard much in the past years. But Love2D is still a great thing and I guess there are OUYA games out there made with it. Would be also interested in hearing from other about using these engines. Instinct Engine seems to be dead. And Shiva looks nice, but seems to be a small development team and having problems with updating there website. And for Android export, I guess you would need to invest some money. But there are videos on youtube that show that Shiva can do 3D on low-spec Android hardware. So that could be a great fit for the OUYA.

I can confirm that Shiva was used, to make Arc and Rage Runner by Hyper Cane Studios.

Love Game Engine was used by Missing Sentinel Software to create Vi8, Get Off Cat, Judgement Arena and Advanced Cave Crawler.

This was his process: