What was up with Chrono Blade?

Chrono Blade was definitely one of my favorite Ouya downloads back in the day, a seemingly worthy twist on God of War. But as far as I saw it was only ever available as a limited demo with 2 playable characters and a level or two to try out. Was the full version ever released for Ouya? If not, why not? Is the full Android version compatible with Ouya?


Chrono Blade had a long complicated story. The devs wanted it to make it a Facebook only game and for a long time, it was running there somehow (I didn’t track this).

Finally they moved it back to Android. First it was only available in some asian country. When I could download and Install it, I found it works, but its controls are touch-only.

So I finally lost interest.

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That’s fascinating, thanks.

The thing that sucks was that nWay got paid a bonus to bring Chrono Blade to the Ouya. It’s actually one of the first “High Profile” games to screw Ouya. They took the money, but continued to say The Ouya version was still coming, but they we’re focussing on The Facebook version first. Needless to say, one day, they just stopped talking about the Ouya version all together. The second one I can think of was The Walking Dead. It was set for release all the way up to the day, but then Telltale Games quietly cancelled it after a nice little bonus from Amazon to make the game exclusive to the Amazon Fire as far as Android Set Top Boxes go. As it’s known though, the .apk file works fine on Ouya when sideloaded.