Working Play Store in 2022

This is a quick guide to use the Google Play Store in 2022 on your Ouya :

Step 1 : Follow this guide to put the Play Store on your Ouya :

Step 2 : Download the updated Play Store :

Step 3 : Download the updated Google Play Services :

Step 4 : Install the two files on your Ouya (USB key, Sideloading, Network drive, adb…)
If the files do not install, download Titanium Backup and delete the Google Play Store and the Google Play Services. Then try installing the two files again.
Titanium Backup link :

Step 5 : Head to the Make menu and then the Software part
Step 6 : Launch the Play Store and add your account
Step 7 : Login and download your games and apps
Step 8 : Close the store and let it rest for a few minutes
Step 9 : Launch the Play Store again. It is updated to a newer version (which I was not able to find online)

Have fun !

Yah this guild sucks eggs. Superuser needs to be cracked. It does not give you an option to replace the su binary. I used the recover su option and it broke the OUYA. I do not know how to fix it and the forum is dead. Do not use Superuser until you replace su first. I think that is why the system will not mount now.

still getting the google services crashes problem.