First time owner, need help installing an emulators frontend

I just got an Ouya, for the first time, I replaced the API server to and managed to get some emulators from there and added some roms to an USB drive, but it would be nice to have a frontend for them.

I installed Nostalgia, it said I have to pay $1 to unlock it, but the payment didn’t work. I saw the site is offline, so I figure the app is dead.

I then installed RetroArch, but I’m having problems finding cores that work for the Ouya.

I also saw XBMC in previous posts and videos but it’s not in the shop anymore.

Pls help!

Follow the instructions at Restoring OUYA game purchases or use the ConnectYA script that can do them for you.

Then you can use Nostalgia.

I used the ConectYA script and it works, thanks!