How to bypass account login/firmware update page

There is an error! the .de between U and RL.
But those settings do not help getting around the connection error in the setup screen.

The main problem is that the official OUYA server is totally down now (DNS for cannot be resolved anymore), and that the connectivity check during setup tries to open a socket to on port 80, without taking the config file into account.

I found a way to get around that check without modifying router DNS settings, and this is by mapping the dead ouya hostnames directly on the OUYA in the /system/etc/hosts file:

  1. On your PC, run adb shell
  2. Type su to become the root user
  3. Make the system partition writable:
    mount -o rw,remount -t ext4 /dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/APP
  4. Open the hosts file:
    vi /system/etc/hosts
  5. Press the “down arrow” key until your are at the end
  6. Press i to get into “insert mode”
  7. paste/write that line:
  8. Press return to add a final newline
  9. Press escape
  10. Type :wq (commmand, write, quit)
  11. Press return to exit the vi editor

The connectivity check should work now without rebooting.

Also on

Sorry, just a typo in my post, doesn’t appear in the config file. Whit the ouya-world config it works but the it’s terrible slow. That’s why I wanted to test your server.

OK I will try this method.

I get this message, it’s dutch but I means it can’t find the IP.

Deze site is niet bereikbaar

Het IP-adres van de server van kan niet worden gevonden.


Reset the DNS entry of your router to the default. Also let your OUYA use DHCP again if you used a static IP, so that it gets the normal DNS server again.

Works like a charm! Thanks for this. On this ouya your server works OK. I will check what’s wrong with the other one.

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