How to update the firmware

First things first, you will need:

USB keyboard to connect to OUYA (Preferably wired)
USB micro connection to PC
A PC (duh)

Next, you’ll need to setup ADB (Android Debug Bridge). Basically you need to install a specific driver on your PC so it can communicate with the OUYA directly.

S-Config’s How to Install Guide Here:

Once you have that driver installed, you’ll need to download the most recent firmware and sideload it through the ADB you just set up.

S-Config’s How to Update Firmware Guide Here:

Then you’ll want to make sure to install the new server, guide here:


Check if you have the latest firmware:

$ adb shell getprop ro.ouya.version

If that returns 1.2.1427-r1 then you have the latest one and do not need to upgrade.


Great stuff guys, I look forward to messing about with it.