Some new games from my past dev days

Hi everyone. I was a big OUYA fan back in the day.
I actual made a joke unboxing video

I made a couple games for it during game jams but never uploaded them to the store.

I found the video for one of them called pencil found here:


Heres the download, but the game runs prity slow on ouya, very unoptimized jam code

And i made another one called friendly fire, a 1v1 tank game
Il find stuff for this soon and share too

Found it think

Is there any way of dumping the game apk from the ouya incase i cant find the original file?

I also found a thing called ouya controller test whitch looks to be my honors project being ported to unity. heres the apk. I remember not getting very far with this.

Il look through my old hard drive back ups and hope that i can find the apks and share them all with you. edit , iv updated the post with links

Just wanted to say hi as iv been meaning to for years.

heres a pic of freind fire in action

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Sweet man!
I’m intrigued.
Will download and try those out.

I love the clear OUYA devkit in the Pencil video.

Do you still have your OUYAs?

Tried them out. Pretty cool projects. Nice work.

Ye iv still got my main ouya but the devkit was the Universitys, I also have a raser forge tv that had the ouya store on it. not booted that up in years ether.

thanks I thought they were prity cool too.
Whats the dv scene like now? can we use newer unitys or we need to stick to old versions or just change the android build target lower? Iv not tested any of my recenbt games on it, will do soon. If so we could get Flea jump on the ouya too :slight_smile:


@wallmasterr Pretty sure Unity 2019.2.2 is what you’d shoot for.

Development for OUYA isn’t too bad these days. Check out our Game Jam history (scroll down for links to past Jams) and see what the dev scene has been like since 2019.

Speaking of which, we might be having a Jam at the end of February if you have something that you want to port, it’d be a good fit for an entry.

[This forum doesn’t really get much traffic since our Discord server exists, that’s where 98% of OUYA discussion is these days. is basically a repo or archive and fall back if/when Discord is ever down, so hop on there if you want to get some active chat going.]

I am intrigued by the game with the kid walking around the house with the artwork, is there a more current version of that? I’d like to take a look at it. Would have been a cool OUYA game, back in the day, from the looks of it.

These games look quite interesting