[wiki] Making games on the OUYA

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Here’s a list of the most common engines/IDEs to use for making something on the OUYA. Generally sorted from most popular to least:


  • Popularity: 1
  • Pros: simple, can export directly to OUYA
  • Cons: single threaded, Newer versions of Unity don’t build to the lower API levels that OUYA requires.
  • How to: blah blah


  • Popularity: Less than Unity
  • Pros: It’s a framework (it’s simple, lightweight, and flexible); rapid prototyping (you can get a - simple game working very quickly); it’s 100% open source and hackable; it has a friendly and knowledgeable community; it uses Lua
  • Cons: It’s a framework (it doesn’t come with a graphical editor); maybe you don’t like Lua
  • How to: A small patch is currently required to support OUYA. Use this version for now: xordspar0/love-android. After that, read the Getting Started guide.