The OUYA lives!

The OUYA was killed earlier this year on June 25th when its servers were all shutdown. You could no longer use the discover store to find and download games. Your user account eventually would log out and prevent you from accessing anything on your console. All your existing games would revert to demo mode.

As enthusiasts of the console, we banded together to do something about it. All our efforts are unofficial and have been done without the help of the parent company to OUYA. We created a replacement server in June that allows you to login. We archived around 95% of all games and much of the original metadata + media. Volunteers uploaded the data to the Internet Archive. We recently added support for the Discover store on the OUYA hardware thanks to much help from the community and CWeiske. We still are moving forward with unlocking all of the games that have OUYA DRM in a responsible manner.

Today, the Ouya Saviors Project is excited to announce that the OUYA lives in another critical area: New games!

We have now launched a developer portal that allows developers to upload new games (and new releases) for gamers to play. We are currently hosting a GameJam to usher in new games for the console. In the coming days, these games will get uploaded by their developers to the portal and appear on the OUYA hardware just like any of the other classic games. After the Jam ends, developers will continue to upload new games for gamers. The OUYA lives.

We are very excited for this new era of the OUYA.

To all those who have believed in us and our project, or even silently cheered us on: Thank you for believing.


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So, you guys involved in this project are something like “The Avengers”!!! I thought my ouya was doomed forever, but you guys reverted the injustice made by Razer!!! To be more responsible, Razer was supposed to launch a last update, that removes all the authentication code from Ouya OS, but they just put a kick at our “faces” and “That’s all folks!!! Buy a new Android box”!!! But the part where you guys become our real life Avengers is exactly with these tutorials, codes and files that brings our little silver piece of fun and joy back to live!!! Congratulations, and a pot full of “Thank you”!!! Great work guys!!! All you granted a space on gamers Paradise!!! :grin::+1:


This is an amazing success story. And a Christmas miracle. My Ouya just did the “thing” for logging in (after beating Soul Reaver on a emu) and I come online to see some ragtag band of heroes just rebuilt the OUYA empire?
My bois!

As a curious side question. I am seeing bunches and bunches of those ouya config files… is any one diff then the other? I saw the CWeiske post his own file. Reddit has its own, and this site has its own… do they all go to the same place or one better or being worked on more then just basic stuff? I took the Reddit one atm and all works including discover store…

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There’s currently two servers being used. One Static (Cweiske) and the other (from on here and on reddit). I would use the one on Reddit and here, personally as the search works in the discover store, and there’s new games being added onto the store (one being mine!).

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These files are just plaintext that you can inspect with notepad.

You already know the core differences between the (located at server and the CWeiske server: One is a full REST Api built on Django with DRF. The other is static files on Apache. They both use the game repo to build the discover store, so they have the same games and same game data:

The server is able to respond to search queries on the discover store. It will support user accounts at some point (maybe soon?). It will allow you to more easily bridge the gap between your OUYA that you want to play games on and connecting with developers. Both those developers that claim their classic games and those who make new games.

As you can see, the ouya world community server is designed to be a full featured replacement. The cweiske server is an alternate that you could use if the other is not up. Granted, both servers thus far are fully open source. You only need a linux server with python 2 or 3 and pip to run the ouya world server yourself if you want to. In fact, we even have instructions to run it yourself ON YOUR OUYA if you really want to:

This has been an AMAZING project to work on with many people.


Would it be wise or useful to change the # OUYA_SERVER_URL= to so the build section connects with the devs site or that wouldnt do anything?

Doesn’t matter. The # symbol makes the rest of a line just become a comment.

There are only 2 lines that matter in the file.

Hey everyone, I just found this project thanks to a tweet by Jason Scott letting everyone know about Ouya Future magazine. I gave that a look and found out about this site. I’m very excited about this project!

Tonight I was able to put the .properties file in place and update the /etc/hosts file to point to the new servers. I then downloaded and played just a bit of the Rogue game that was created during the 2019 game jam. This is very exciting stuff!

Thank you to the whole community that is making this happen.


Be sure to come to our Discord if you like to hang in chat. :slight_smile:

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Nice to see people are finding the mag useful! Makes me extremely happy :smiley:

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Thanks for this means a lot being able to go to discover and look at games makes the Ouya feel alive again. Also has anyone got this working on Ouya anywhere.

It works great on my OuyaEverywhere installation.

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Cool to see this! My OUYA has still been working with the installed games that were free but I like that new games are being developed by the community.

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@Treknologist Be sure to not factory reset your OUYA or you will lose any games that you paid for.

Oh, no worries! I have no intention of doing so. :slight_smile: doesn’t exist just logged on to my Ouya and that message appeared

Also server encountered an error

Try the other server.

replace the contents of the file with:


Thanks, server died :(. Its up now.

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