Unity InputManager Ouya config

Quick Rundown of which buttons correspond to which axis/button in the generic Unity InputManager. For example, if you wanted to use the ‘O’ button for Fire1, you would add “joystick button 0” into the positive input field.

The controller is configured as follows.

Left Joystick - Y and X Axis (The Ouya controller also uses another two axes for Left Joystick use when pressed down, but I am yet to check which ones)
Right Joystick - 3rd and 4th Axis
O Button - Button 0
U Button - Button 1
Y Button - Button 2
A Button - Button 3
L1 - Button 4
R1 - Button 5
LT - 5th Axis
RT - 6th Axis
Left Joystick Press - Button 6
Right Joystick Press - Button 7
D-Pad Up - Button 8
D-Pad Down - Button 9
D-Pad Left - Button 10
D-Pad Right - Button 11


it might be just my unity (5.4.1) but the triggers are on axis 7 and 8. so if you are having trouble, try those.